About us


We are target shooters and, as such, derive our amusement from propelling a small piece of metal at a sheet of paper with the intention of punching a hole in it. Because an injurious velocity is achieved we, as shooters, must be responsible for that piece of metal from start of flight to finish. Safety is, therefore, the cornerstone of all of our disciplines.

There has been a shooting range, at Milnain beside Strathpeffer, for many years but it was in 1968 that Major Fred Hoare obtained the Home Office approval for the range to be used by the Strathpeffer Pistol Club. Time passed and, following the demise of the Dingwall Rifle Club, some of the Dingwall members came over to Strathpeffer and the Club changed its name to the Strathpeffer Rifle and Pistol Club. Of course, since the “handguns ban” which followed the Dunblane atrocity, pistol shooting has become rather limited but has not disappeared altogether: as subsequent pages will show.
The club continue to regularly shoot every Sunday throughout the year except Remembrance Sunday.
Our Club facilities have been improved upon by the addition of a small Clubhouse. This was obtained with a grant from “Sport For All Scotland” to whom we are very grateful.
We continue to have the same priority as any club in that we always need to attract new members.
To this end we frequently host “Open Days” where we invite strangers to our pastime along to give it a try and we make every effort to comply with our motto, càirdeil, which, for the non Gaelic speakers, means “friendly”.
So, if you are in any way interested in the shooting disciplines you see on this site please feel free to contact us either using the web link or by telephoning our Chairman or Secretary.


Thanks very much and we look forward to seeing you.