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'F' Class

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'F' Class Competition held at Cawdor



What is 'F' Class - Click 'LINK'

Our 'F' Class type shoot at Cawdor is a competition about accuracy, consistency and reading the wind -
you dont have to have fancy kit to take part.

Diane Smith


F-Class Rifle Spec

Any Rifle up to a maximum of 22lbs or 10kg - including Scope (& bi-pod if used)
Any Safe Trigger is permitted
Any Sights - No Limits on Power
Any Calibre up to 8mm - providing it complies with Range Safety Rules - it is up to the individual shooter to verify this
The Rifle may be supported Front & Rear on Sandbags - the front Sandbag may in turn be supported on an adjustable pedestal
The Rear Bag must NOT be attached to the Front Support, but a combination of Sandbags may be used
A Bi-pod may be used in place of a Front Sandbag


Course of Fire

Target: 300yd F Class target
Distance: 300, 500, 600 meters

At each Distance: -
Sighters: 2 - individually marked
Scoring Shots: 10 - individually marked
Time: 5 minutes

Ammunition Required
36 Rounds