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'S' Class

'S' Class web site


'S' Class Competition held at Cawdor


'S' Class came about as a result of a shooting forum discussion back in 2013 about how some shootingcompetitions had become an "Arms Race" and the lack of competitions for shooters with sporting rifles. Out of this discussion S or Sporting Class was born and is basically a desire to return 'Scoped' competition shooting to a simpler level without the need for heavy weight long barrelled rifles and is aimed at Hunters & Club Shooters who wish to compete actively against like-minded shooters.

At the most basic level it is a lightweight rifle class of shooting and in an ideal situation a competitor would walk to the firing point with a rifle in a slip and a couple of ammunition boxes in his pocket.

Grant (John) Campbell


S-Class Rifle Spec

> Deer legal calibre

> Barrel length up to 26" (muzzle devices and moderators not included in length)

> x12 scope max (variable scopes set to x12)

> Simple bipod - Harris type or similar - no front or rear bags allowed

> Max loaded weight - 6kg (13lbs)

Essentially most sporting rifles should meet the above specifications


Course of Fire

Even Numbered Years:
Distance: 200, 300, and 500 meters
Sighters: 2 at each range
Scoring Shots: 7 in 2 minutes at each range.

Odd Numbered Years:
Distance: 300, 500, and 600 Meters
Sighters: 2 at each range
Scoring Shots: 7 in 2 minutes at each range

Ammunition Required
27 Rounds